Our specialty act


The One Armed Bandit & Company starring Amanda Payne, daughter of John Payne

12 Time Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) "Specialty Act of the Year"

The One Armed Bandit has a long history of performing at rodeos. He started in 1987 at the 101 Wild West Rodeo in Ponca City. Johnís daughter Amanda and his son Lynn have taken up the reigns and are performing the act as well.

We at the Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo are very excited to have Amanda Payne performing at our rodeo this year. She will prove to be a class act that will delight the audience with her show of horsemanship. She will be performing every night so donít miss a single performance.

Amanda Payne on horseback ready to rope

Amanda Payne and one of her long horns

Amanda J Payne, of Cherokee decent, saw first light on a reservation in Pawnee, Oklahoma on May 2, 1978. Mandy started riding horses as an infant where she learned to keep up or get left behind. As the only girl to follow in the Bandit's footsteps, Amanda struck out on her own at the age 18.

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Barrel Man & Clown

Jerry "The Sarge" Casey

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Bull Fighters - Broc McGuire & Jason Gibbs


Broc McGuire

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Jason Gibbs

Im 38 years old been blessed to live my dreams fighting bulls for 16 years. I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter Jaylynn Gibbs I feel very blessed to do what I love in the arena protecting those bull riders. In 2010 I won the Benny Binion Bucking Stock Sale protection match in Las Vegas during the NFR.Ive been a PRCA card holder since 2010 and look forward to all God has ahead of me with this awesome dream.